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All-day offerings

All-day offerings

in the current school year

Enjoy the music

Here the children will develop a song repertoire and participate in musical programs. Their own voice will be discovered and developed. They will discover foreign countries and their songs while training and expanding their vocabulary.

Dance academy

Movement is in the foreground! The children get to know different types of dance. Thereby the sense of balance and the sense of rhythm are improved. In addition, dance steps can be rehearsed independently. Of course, the dances are also shown to others, e.g. at the open house.

Smart techno kids

In this offer, the children are introduced to the world of intelligent electronic everyday products and programming in a playful way. We want to program a simple computer game together, compose our own electronic piece of music and build various electronic devices, e.g. a musical instrument.


The children learn first Arabic terms and phrases in a playful way. They are introduced to the Arabic language and script in a child-friendly way and learn a lot about the country and its people.


This GTA focuses on everything from the serve to the rally. The children are introduced to tennis in a fun way. In the process, they learn the basic techniques as well as the basic rules. The big goal is to participate in the School Cup.

Little plants

The goal is to create a garden together with their children according to ecological principles and to strengthen the relationship between people, nature and wildlife. Your child will learn about the importance and use of a garden that they have created themselves. Of course, the "fruits" are not only harvested, but also eaten.

On air

In this GTA, your children will dive into the world of radio. Among other things, they will learn about audio technology, plan their own texts, and record audio safaries. The recorded broadcasts will enrich our breaks at school.


With different games and songs we learn the numbers, colors and introduce ourselves. In addition, the children get an insight into the traditions of the country.


Stories are selected, read, listened to and discussed together. Follow-up activities, such as games, crafts, or film and photo projects, are planned. Since the learners in the IPS come into contact with the English language at an early age and it plays an important role throughout their school years, English-language stories are also integrated into the book club.

Building Adventure

Here, building becomes an adventure! The starting point is the architecture around us and getting to know a diverse building culture worldwide. The practical examination of materials such as wood, bamboo, clay, etc. encourages students to construct and design their own model buildings. The focus is on the question "How do we want to build and live in the future?

Experiments for naturalists

Does your child find scientific processes and various natural phenomena interesting? Then this is the right offer for them. Experiments are planned, carried out and recorded.

¿Hablas español?

It's true: exercise helps learning. With various fitness exercises (gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, etc.) and games, the children are taught the Spanish language in a playful way and deepened.

Realaxed learning

In our course, your children will find a way to learn in a relaxed way by getting to know a variety of relaxation techniques. We beat the singing bowl, drum, travel into our bodies, which can release fears and together we create our own relaxation CD for personal use in the evening. Your child can easily integrate the relaxation techniques into their daily routine and use them independently.

Create it

This all-day offering provides a variety of creative ideas for exploring, painting, drawing, sewing, building; shaping and designing with various simple and natural materials, as well as different sewing fabrics, adapted to the seasons. Your child can get artistic, creative, and crafty and is sure to create lots of little works of art for school and home.

English conversation/language camp

The GTA "English Conversation/Language Camp" is conducted with the children of the 3rd grades. Within the framework of the camp, the children are to continuously expand and deepen their individual language skills within the existing classes through internal differentiation and open teaching methods under the guidance of the English teachers and native speakers.

Young technicians

The focus of this all-day program is on building and programming functional robot and computer models and independently solving the associated technical challenges in planning and implementation, both individually and as a team. The students are expected to acquire new knowledge and deepen existing knowledge. Various platforms are used which, according to the current state of technology and our experience, are excellently suited for this purpose in order to continuously build up one's knowledge from basic to specialized knowledge. The models are supplemented by various attachments and materials made of wood, plastic and metal, which do not neglect the manual skills.

Stage kids

This offer immerses the children in the world of performing arts. At the same time, it serves to playfully improve the children's ability to concentrate and their creativity. It is not just about performing memorized text. Rather, the diversity of theater is to be demonstrated. Of course, this includes acting, in which the children have to give the right expression to the spoken text through appropriate body language. Since not every child dares to stand openly in the spotlight on stage, other fields of activity are integrated into the program, such as stage design, scenery construction, sound engineering and costume design.

Literacy Acquisition

Children who have difficulties in learning to read and/or write are offered other ways of learning. At the beginning, an individual assessment of the acquisition of written language takes place in order to determine which areas still need to be supported in the individual students. Basic linguistic functions (phonematic awareness, auditory and visual perception, linguistic sense of rhythm, syllabic speech) are consolidated largely through play. Furthermore, the children improve their ability to analyze and synthesize sounds, words and sentences. We practice reading and listening comprehension with short stories. But also with sensory integrative exercises we create a sense of achievement in dealing with the written language.

Concept & Financing

All-day activities are held regularly at our school.

This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament.

The pedagogical concept as well as other necessary GTA documents for the current school year are published on the school portal Saxony.

Language diversity

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